VERSe Ottawa is a fully-incorporated, not-for-profit organization with charitable status that draws together groups, organizations, and individuals actively involved in the poetic arts to sustain and promote poetry in all its forms in the National Capital Region.

One of VERSe Ottawa’s main activities is to stage VERSeFest, Ottawa’s annual International Festival of Poetry. VERSe Ottawa’s other major activity is to administer the City of Ottawa’s new Poet Laureate Program.

The current Board of Directors are:

  • David Stymeist, President
  • Mélanie Rivet, Vice-President
  • Yves Turbide, Treasurer
  • Susan Atkinson, Secretary
  • Vivian Vivassis, Director
  • Rusty Priske, Director
  • Vanessa Rotondo, Director
  • Michel Thérien, Director