About the Project

(photo by: Gerry Smith)

My project was inspired by the project of Ottawa’s first Francophone Poet Laureate, Andée Lacelle, who launched Poèmes de la Cité with the themes nos eaux, nos âmes (our waters, our souls, 2018) and nos lieux, nos pas (our places, our steps, 2019).

In Poèmes de la Cité Redux I wanted to bring some slight variations to the project. Firstly, I invited a group of poets to inspire themselves from three themes, notre histoire, nos fantômes, nos rêves (our story-history, our ghosts, our dreams). Next, I asked visual artists to create works inspired by different texts composed by the poets. Lastly, a second group of poets found inspiration in the visual works and created a new series of texts.

I would like to thank the poets and visual artists for having accepted to undertake this adventure.

Here is the happy result.

Margaret Michèle Cook