Bodily Feelings: Writing Poetry Using Affective Objects

13 Nov 2021 • 02:00 PM–04:00 PM Eastern

Online event

Hosted by In Our Tongues

This workshop intends to work with a physical object that one is emotionally/affectively attached to, and use that “affect” that object elicits within you, to write. What is affect? What makes objects affective? How does the “affect” of an object (physically or otherwise) affect you? How does your attachment to the object “feel” within your body? What does this “feeling” from this object mean to you? How can you use affective objects effectively to write poetry? These are some questions this workshop will explore. Through writing prompts and free-writing exercises, participants will be encouraged to write poetry using their affective objects, with a particular focus on the body and intersectionality.

Prep: Participants are encouraged to have already chosen an object that is personal to them. For example, photograph, coins, a piece of jewellery, toy, mug, etc.; basically any physical object that elicits a vivid memory and strong feelings.

Limit: 30 participants.

The Poets

Sanchari Sur
English Canada

 Sanchari Sur authored the Toronto Book Award Shortlisted The Unpublished City (Book*hug, 2017).

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