Rebecca Thomas is a Mi'kmaw woman living in Dartmouth Nova Scotia. She is the daughter of a residential school survivor whose family is rooted in Lennox Island First Nation, Prince Edward Island. She attended Dalhousie University where she acquired more education than is probably good for her. After she finished her Master's degree she embarked on her journey for meaningful employment eventually landing a job that allows her to support Indigenous students in their quests for education. Rebecca is a very outspoken woman when it comes to battling Aboriginal stereotypes as well as educating her workplace, colleagues, and anyone who will listen about cultural safety and integrity in education, society and generally encouraging people to think before they speak. Having Captained the Nova Scotia Slam poetry team for the second year in a row she was able to bring her voice, along with three other Nova Scotians, to the national stage. Most of her work focuses on the relationships between Canada's First Peoples, their relationship with the federal government and how First Nations' people are perceived in the public eye. Rebecca is on a life long journey to promote understanding and empathy for Indigenous people and marginalized communities.

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