André Duhaime was born in Montreal and currently lives in the Outaouais. Retired from teaching, he now gives his full attention to poetry. In addition to so-called "œtraditional" poetry and to the exploration of written dream accounts, his literary activity also includes classical Japanese poetry forms. He has published some thirty books for adult and young readers. The travel diary he co-wrote with André Girard, Marcher le silence "“ Carnets du Japon (2006), which is composed of brief prose pieces and haikus, won the Canada-Japan Literary Award in 2008. His 2013 collection of haikus, Pelures d'oranges, was published in a bilingual French-Japanese edition. In her 2013 essay, L'homme qui plantait des haí¯kus, author Micheline Beaudry offers an analysis of André Duhaime's poetic journey. His most recent book is an illustrated album for children, Les quatre éléments en poésie (2015).

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