Moez Surani earned a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree in Biology and English Language and Literature from Queen's University. He moved to Montreal and earned a Master of Arts from Concordia University in English Language and Literature and Creative Writing. Following these degrees, he travelled and worked abroad and his writing was published in journals and anthologies across Europe and North America. His first poetry collection, Reticent Bodies, was published in 2009. One critic assessed the book's impact: "Reticent Bodies is that rare book that has the power to be a lynchpin, a hinge in the history of Canadian poetry." Another critic focused on the book's voice: "he is capable of shifting effortlessly from a terse, monosyllabic, style to enormously complex syntactic compositions resulting in a very expressive language." Later in 2009, he won a Chalmers Arts Fellowship that supported a research stint to India and East Africa. He walked the Camino Santiago across Spain and climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and attended artists residencies in Italy, Finland, Canada, Latvia, Switzerland and Taiwan. In 2012, he published his second poetry collection, Floating Life, which was praised for its "stunning, simple images." He's now working on collaborations and on interdisciplinary art and performance art pieces.

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