Louis Bertholom was born in 1955 in Brittany (France) and lives in Quimper. A former rock singer, he has published about 15 books (poetry, narratives) in different editions. He was one of the founders of Blanc Silex publishing house in 1995. His autobiographical account Le rivage du cidre was given a warm welcome when it was brought out in 2002. Reports on the local TV channels and interview on France Culture for Amerika blues, a book in which he speaks about Jack Kerouac's celtic filiation. He writes for a few poetry magazines and appears in 30 anthologies and collective works.He has recorded two CDs in studio, Ma seule terre and then Vents solaires which was awarded the Télégramme "œCoup de Coeur" Record Prize. He has also made two DVDs one of which is recorded live with his musicians. He performs in recitals with professional jazz players who compose their music on his texts. He has contributed to several stage creations since 1979, even in schools with pupils of all ages and levels. His performances are not limited to Brittany: he has participated as a poet in international festivals in Paris, in Jura, in Quebec on two occasions, in the Czech Republic, in Africa (Benin, Morocco). He has won the Xavier Grall Prize for the whole body of his work, and he is also the second finalist of the Camille Le Mercier d'Erm Prize for his book Mordre le monde and he is first finalist for "œBréviaire de sel". Since 1982 he has been a member of Sacem and of the Breton writers association. Some of his poems have been translated into Breton, Czech, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), modern Greek and Arab (Morocco and Egypt where he is published). Louis Bertholom co-organizes literary nights around poetry ("œLes rendez-vous de Max") every first thursday of the month in Quimper (Brittany); they take place at poet Max Jacob's house (1876-1944) which was transformed into a bar and restaurant. He also co-organizes two book summer festivals in Fouesnant. In Paroles pour les silences í  venir (Sauvages Editions, 2015, 254 pages), he evokes Brittany, his travels, the upheavals of life and some of his angry positions against intensive farming and its pesticides"¦ A committed, powerful, lucid poetry, in tune with the world on the move and signs to friends and dead artists. His latest book Avec les orties du temps deals with the passing of time with a deep look at the world by questioning the elements and space as well. Scenery is a major founding element of Louis Bertholom's reflection. It is an oral type of writing, influenced by Breton poets but also by the Beat Generation. He could be seen as a modern, social bard. His poetical writing is close to reality, bearing the seal of his profound country; Brittany opened to the world. He is a peasant's son and his attachment to the land, memory and revolt seem to be the pillars of his inspiration. He has worked together with painters such as Michel Remaud, Jean-Loup Le Cuff, André Jolivet, Jacky Essirard, Jean-Guy Rousseau with whom he has made original artist books. He also includes into his books a few original works by artists like Claude Huart, Marc Bernol, Paul Quéré, Francis Pessein and photographer Yann Pérennou.

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