Andrée Lacelle was the first Franco-Ontarian writer to be awarded the Trillium Literary Award for her poetry collection Tant de vie s'égare, which was also a finalist for the Governor General's Award. Her books include, among others, La Voyageuse, Survenance, La Vie rouge, La lumière et l'heure, demain l'enfance, La Visiteuse. In 2015 Sol Ciel Ciels Sols, a complete retrospective of her poetry up to that date was published by Prise de parole with a preface by Franí§ois Paré. In 2012 she co-authored an international francophone anthology of contemporary feminine voices (pas d'ici, pas d'ailleurs, Voix d'encre), and in 2016 she was inducted into the Ottawa International Poetry Festival Hall of Fame (VERSeFest). She was also the first francophone poet to be appointed Poet Laureate of Ottawa (2017 "“ 2019) and, as such, in April 2018 she launched the site Ottawa, une ville, ses poèmes, Poèmes de la Cité 2018 - nos eaux, nos âmes:, which will be followed by Poèmes de la Cité 2019 "“ nos lieux, nos pas. in March 2019. (Photo credit: Danielle Schaub)

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