Julie Huard is a multidisciplinary artist (literature and television) who grew up in in Hull and studied at the Université du Québec en Outaouais. She also experienced life's direct schooling in the Canada World Youth program (Saskatchewan and Tanzania). In her writing, her first choice is poetry and story-telling. Many of her work has been published in collective publications in this country and abroad, most notably in Luxemburg and Switzerland. These last few years, she had the opportunity to spend some time at the Pen Centre authors' residence in Haiti and in another similar residence in Pont d'Oye, Belgium. In 2016, she was Guest of Honor at the Salon du livre de l'Outaouais, participated in the Brussels Book Fair and, in Haiti's International Book Fair, and was invited to perform at the International Poetry Festival in Trois-Rivières. In 2017, she traveled to Guinée, where she was Guest of Honor at the "œConakry, World Capital of Books' event. She has authored three poetry collections Le carnaval de la licorne and Le journal du baiser ou l'émoi de toi, published by Éditions l'Interligne. She was co-director of three collective publications, including Amoroso, an international collection of poetry and Le temps est d'abord un visage, published by Écrits des Hautes-Terres. Her seventh book, a collection of travel tales Paysâmes et miroirs du monde, was published by Éditions David (Ottawa) / Memory de Belgique, and it won the City of Gatineau's Prix Coup de cÅ“ur littéraire at the 2016 Culturiades and was nominated for the Créateur de l'année award. In 2017, Paysâmes was a finalist for the Prix littéraire LeDroit. For the past twenty years, Julie Huard has worked in television, including at Ici Radio-Canada, in addition to being a film maker and independent producer-director. She has produced numerous programs and documentaries in Canada and avbroad, as well as hundreds of short pieces on social, cultural and humanitarian subjects (C'est í§a la vie, í‡a vaut le détour, l'Accent, La Semaine Verte, Vues d'artistes, Art Circuit). Et si on changeait le monde ?, J'ai deux papas et L'oreille de Jeanne are also among her documentary films that garnered praise. Creative work, communications, cultural development and literature have always been close to her heart. (Photo credit: M Girard)

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