Monique Manatch is Executive Director and one of the founders of Indigenous Culture and Media Innovations ( Her work has centered on the production media arts and multimedia arts. She has facilitated the development of Indigenous artists throughout Ontario and Quebec. Over the past 20 years Monique has produced several video documentary about Indigenous issues. These include; "œKokomville: Clear Cutting Home", a sixty minute documentary surrounding the issues of logging in Algonquin territory in Quebec."œKokomville: Working at Home", a four part series highlighting ancestral Algonquin practices of art and living off the land. Prior to this challenge, Monique was the manager of the Aboriginal Media Program at First Nations Technical Institute (FNTI), a post secondary diploma program in partnership with Humber College. The unique position at FNTI allowed Monique to gain valuable experience in grant writing and organizational development. At FNTI, Monique facilitated training in the production of several notable documentaries and educational videos on Aboriginal culture. During 2015, Monique facilitated the production of several videos with the youth from Kitigan Zibi Anishnabeg. These videos dealt with youth issues including bullying, missing and murdered Indigenous women, traditional Indigenous activities, and a fictional account of an Indigenous warrior fighting evil. Monique is currently taking a Masters Program in Canadian Studies at Carleton University. Her degree focuses on the use and creation of arts in the Indigenous community.

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