Daniel Groleau Landry is a multidisciplinary artist with a deep love of poetry. Franco-Ontarian born in Sudbury, Ontario, he is one of the powerful poetic voices of his generation. Currently residing in Ottawa, Ontario, Daniel is involved in many literary projects, shows and initiatives to promote literacy, poetry and the arts. He is also a musician, actor, director, playwright, and performance-poetry artist. He wishes he could paint. Ríªver au réel / Dreaming Reality is his first poetry book. It was awarded the 2014 Trillium Book Award for French Poetry and was also a finalist in the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly Award. His second book, Amorragies, was published in January 2016. Dreaming Reality is an exceptional demonstration of the stunning varieties of human feelings and emotions that are expressed in a vivid way. The poems illustrate the infinite choices of how emotions can be shared in words, perceptions, and symbols. The poet's unique writing style uses metaphors and rhymes to express complex thoughts that nestle within one another. Drawing upon everyday occurrences, common situations, and mystical imagery, the author expertly creates dark and extraordinary fantasies. Dreaming Reality reminds us how poetry can powerfully touch our hearts and minds. The French-language edition of this book, Ríªver au réel, won the 2014 Trillium award for poetry.

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