Roger Des Roches is a poet, a novelist and a typographer. He lives in Montreal by the St. Lawrence River and has been writing since he was 14 years old. In 2002, after some thirty years as an acclaimed poet and author of adult novels, he broadened his scope by publishing his first children's book, Marie Quatdoigts, soon followed by Les Idées noires d'Amélie Blanche, La Vie cachée d'Éva and Les Cruels Remords de Robert. Chock full of humor and true feelings, the series also stood out for the unique quality of the writing, and soon established Des Roches as a children's favorite. His second series, Les fantômes, takes place in the same universe as that of the Marie Quatdoigts books, but with the addition of a charming pinch of sci-fi fantasy. Its first in the series, Les Fantômes bleus sont les plus malheureux, appeared in the fall of 2005. The author is currently developing a sequel which will be titled Les fantômes verts grognent tout le temps.

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