Karuna Vellino
English Local

Karuna Vellino is a disabled nonbinary lesbian majoring in English Lit and Creative Writing at Carleton University. They write because they are a raw passionate human being and the only way to express how deeply they experience the world, is to put it into words. Writing is how they heal and learn and let out the things that live in only the deepest, wildest, most wonderful parts of them.In their free time Karuna enjoys doing yoga, petting dogs, learning about astrology and smashing the capitalist white supremacist ableist cis hetro patriarchy. Their debut chapbook A Year In Violets is a collection of tender hearted poems that give voice to Karuna's experience with love and identity over the course of the past few years. In this chapbook they explore the beauty and heartache of LGBT love, along with the challenges and joys of living in a disabled/chronically ill body.

Previously Appeared

Saturday Nov 21 2020 • 1:00 PM Eastern

In/Words and Blue Mondays
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