Brandon Wint's intricately-rendered performance pieces present a passionate, sincere and whimsical version of humanity. His writing, performance, and pedagogical approach all affirm, in their different ways, that there is beauty to be found in the struggle, and solace to be found in sincerity-of-spirit. He is an artist who uses poetry to harness empathy within himself, and have each of his words, deeds, creations and performances reflect that empathy unambiguously. He is a two-time national champion slam poet, a nationally published writer, as well as arts-educator and curator of artistic events.

Previously Appeared

Friday Nov 20 2020 • 7:30 PM Eastern

Urban Legends
Online event

Saturday Mar 24 2018 • 4:30 PM Eastern

The Magic and Usefulness of Poetry
Knox Church

Wednesday Mar 22 2017 • 9:00 PM Eastern

VERSeFest Showcase
Knox Church

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