Videos of Past Events

In/Words & Blue Mondays
2 years ago

Amelie Trottier
Andreae Callanan
McKenzie McDonald
And 1 other ...

Projet TERRE
2 years ago

Amber O’Reilly
Jean-Philippe Raîche
Martine Audet
And 3 others ...

Poet Laureate Reading
2 years ago

Albert Dumont
Gilles Latour
Louise Bernice Halfe

Closing Event: Festival readers
3 years ago

Chuqiao Yang
Susan Atkinson
Michel Therien
And 8 others ...

In/Words and Blue Mondays
3 years ago

Karuna Vellino
Dominique Bernier-Cormier
Eve Bilodeau
And 1 other ...

3 years ago

Nelson Charest
Eric Charlebois
Véronique Sylvain