Chukky Ibe
Chukky Ibe is a humanitarian, philanthropist and a political enthusiast. He is in his final year at McMaster University. He is a member of Hamilton Youth Poets (HYP), and a recipient of the John C Holland award for youth achievement. Chukky is the founder of Afrocentric Ideals, a guerilla education service, and the People Project at Mcmaster University. His poetry often comments on politics and the role it plays in shaping the human condition. He is active in student and city politics and spends most of his time in the Hamilton community as a teaching artist, a performing poet, and a managing director of HYP's Community Programs. Chukky is also a playwright and an avid academic. He will be performing poems from his collection, "œIt's Nice to Meet You."

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mardi mars 26 2019 • 9:00 PM NHE

Urban Legends
Knox Church