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Festival de poésie d'Ottawa: le VERSeFest est de retour... mais conserve sa formule hybride, par Yves Bergeras le Droit, 4 Nov., 2021

Défendre la planète, un vers à la fois, par Marie-Ève Duguay La Rotunde 1 Oct, 2021

Poetry in the Park

VERSe Ottawa celebrates the art of poetry with communal event Apt613, August 2021

Ottawa en Poésie,  Fernand Ackey en parle avec les poètes Gilles Letour poète lauréat francophone de la ville d’Ottawa ainsi que monsieur Éric Charlesbois, Unique FM, 26 août 2021

Poets Laureate, spring 2021

Meet the new Poet Laureates of Ottawa, Ottawa Citizen, April 30, 2021

Ottawa’s new English Poet Laureate: Albert Dumont Apt613, May 19, 2021

Gilles Latour, poète lauréat francophone d’Ottawa pour les années 2021–2022, Apt613, May 19, 2021 Michel Picard interviewed Gilles Latour, Unique FM, May 3, 2021 (4:35 pm) Michel Picard interviewed Gilles Latour le recueil Débris du sillage Unique FM, 20 fev, 2020

Ottawa Poet Laureate Albert Dumont talk about his new role. CBC Radio's All in a Day, April 21, 2021, 4:45 PM

Albert Dumont named city's English poet laureate CBC News online, April 25, 2021

Un article perspicace sur Gilles Latour, le nouveau poète lauréat (de langue française) d'Ottawapar Yves Bergeras à Le Droit, 21 Avr, 2021

Ottawa’s new poet laureates step onto the stage by Peter Robb, Artsfile, April 22, 2021


Local poet Justin Million becomes downtown Peterborough’s first artist in residence, founding VERSeFest member news, by Sarah McNeilly Kawartha Now Nov 11, 2020

Pearl Pirie on CBC radio (All in a Day with Alan Neal) at 5:45 pm, Nov. 6, 2020

Kaie Kellough interview with Giacomo Panico on 91.5-FM.  Nov. 7, 2020 at 8:15 am. Shazia Hamfiz Ramji also interviewed on In Town and Out that morning.

Ben Ladouceur on CBC news at 6 pm (TV), Nov 20, 2020

Sandra Abma discussed VERSeFest as part of happenings around town and played excerpts from Ben Ladouceur’s poetry as well as their interview together, Nov 2020.

Online edition of VERseFest showcases Ottawa's vibrant poetry scene by Lynn Saxberg, Ottawa Citizen Nov. 6, 2020

Ottawa poet Jamaal Jackson Rogers appointed artist-in-residence for Carleton music program by Bailey Moreton, The Charlatan, Feb 23, 2020

Brandon Wint, Conyer Clayton, Kamal Hakim, Pearl Pirie, Angye Goana, and more great poets feature in VERSeFEST’s virtual lineup by Greggory Clark, Apt613 on October 27, 2020

VERSeFest 10 finds new avenues to convey poetry to online audiences by Alayne McGregor, Centretown Buzz, Oct 16, 2020

Le VERSeFest se tiendra en ligne en novembre by Yves Bergeras, Le Droit, 1 novembre 2020

Véronique Sylvain, Les Voix de la Poesie

Le Festival international de poésie d’Ottawa se réinvente ! Par Gaëlle Kanyeba, La Rotunde, 6 nov, 2020

VERSeFest turns 10, by Susan J. Atkinson, Centretown Buzz, March 16, 2020

Journée du poème à porter avec Anne-Marie Desmeules, La poésie partout, 30 avr, 2020

La Rotunde – print interviews with Véronique Sylvain and Michel Therien

Rogers TV live interview with Éric Charlebois March 24th, 2020


Une overdose poétique avec le VERSeFest par Miléna Frachebois, La Rotunde, 25 mars, 2019

Ottawa Poet Laureates have passed on the torch City of Ottawa, Feature Stories, March 25, 2019

VERSeFest: the sound of beauty, memory, pain and joy by Stephen Thirlwall, The Centretown Buzz, April 15, 2019

VERSefest: The itch that keeps Dennis Lee scratching at poetry by Peter Robb, ArtsfileMarch 26, 2019

Put poetry and plays on the agenda for the weekend on Amal El- Mohtar as the inaugural poet-in-residence at this year's VERSeFest by Sandra Abma, Ottawa Citizen, Mar 22, 2019


VerseFest to shine light on Ottawa's thriving poetry scene, Yahoo Style, March 17, 2018

VerseFest Presents Angye Gaona, Irfan Ali & stephanie roberts!, Ottawa Public Library,

MARCH 2017

Eclectic Mix is driving poetry festival success Peter Robb, Artsfile, March 16, 2017

VERSeFest: GG-award winner Steven Heighton, Peter Robb, Artsfile, Mar 21, 2017

Ottawa introduces first poets laureate in nearly three decades Jon Willing, Ottawa Citizen, March 27, 2021

De la grande visite poétique à l’U d’O: Têtê-à-Têtê avec Zachary Richard par Florence Linteau, La Rotunde, 27 mars, 2017

Poesie ottawa avec Zachary Richard, à Le Téléjournal, CBC, 2017

Centretown has gone to the bards by Vivian Vavassis, Centretown Buzz, Mar 19, 2017

VERSeFest: Canadian poet Dennis Lee, on how he gets 'drunk on all these glorious syllables' by Lynn Saxberg, Ottawa Citizen, March 22, 2019

Local favourites return to the VERSeFest stage by Vivian Vavassis, Kitchissippi Times, March 16, 2017

VERSeFest Spotlight: An Interview with Kitchissippi poet Sandra Ridley by Vivian Vavassis, Kitchissippi Times, March 16, 2017

VERSeFEST: Phoebe Wang on identity by Kabriya Coghlan, Apt613, March 23, 2017

Poésie Métallique, Metal Poétique, La Press, 2017

Versefest event brings poetry to Carleton by Matt Yuyitung, Charlaton, March, 2017

VERSeFest 2017: Pas piqué des vers par Myriam Bourdeau-Potvin, La Rotonde, mars, 2017

VERSeFest poets in All in a Day #CBCPopUp series

Writing Through Silence: An Interview with Faizal Deen by rob mclennan, Ploughshares, Mar 18, 2017

Radio Canada aired an interview with Louise Boucher on March 18th, 2017