Videos of Past Events

Urban Legends
2 years ago

Andre Fenton
Brandon Wint

2 years ago

Nelson Charest
Eric Charlebois
Véronique Sylvain

Arc Poetry Magazine
2 years ago

Adèle Barclay
Gabrielle Marceau
Ben Ladouceur

2 years ago

Janick Belleau
Marshall Hryciuk

Translate This
2 years ago

Catherine Lalonde
Oana Avasilichioaei
Simon Brown
And 1 other ...

2 years ago

Margo LaPierre
Chuqiao Yang
Nicole Raziya Fong

American Interests
2 years ago

Laura Kasischke
Johannes Göransson
Philip Metres

VF Invitational
2 years ago

Shawn K
Larissa Tarasoff
Namitha Rathinappillai
And 5 others ...

Éditions David
2 years ago

Sara Dignard
Andrée Christensen
Maya Cousineau Mollen

OIWF Co-presentation with A.F. Moritz
2 years ago

A.F. Moritz

Official Welcome
2 years ago

Karen Solie
Kaie Kellough
Anne-Marie Desmeules
And 1 other ...

2 years ago

Bahar Orang
Ken Victor
Pearl Pirie